Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hurhur.. If you people are following my twitter, you'll probably know that I've been complaining about my runny nose in multiple of ways since 6hrs back. Sulk. Not a fantastic way to complete my holidays.

I realised that people need extra attention, tender loving care and concern especially when they are sick. Bad immune system, feeling down, emotional and probably indulge in a significant amount of self pity - directly proportionate to the sickness.

And this applies to me too. =/ (Insert very pitiful face shot. p/s look below)
Adding on, I don't have a boyfriend to xio xio me. Hurr.. TT.TT

But thank goodness Mummy called just now, and asked me home for dinner. Which gave me a chance to sound really sad about my nose. Making her feel soooooo sorry for me. Heh. Thank goodness she played along and commented that, I fell sick because there's no one to tuck in the blanket for me. Awwww.. Love. =D

Totally brought a smile on my sick, yellow and sallow face. (Yes, in case you are wondering, I am trying to get your attention, show some love please) You see, it's always easier (well, not sure about everyone, but at least for me) to act cute and stuff to boyfriends, and slightly more difficult to do it to parents.


Dinner's on me this Friday. <3
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