Friday, October 16, 2009

Is this FRIGGIN old school or what...?!

I was browsing through my previous blog, and decided to do this face thingie..
It was like the "coolest" online stuff to do 2 years ago. Haha! Old school man! =)

Oh my god, I'm hooked.

Used a different picture. Beyonce again? Guess I must have really look like her! Lalalalllala.

How come they use my sister's picture as Sammi Cheng! Think it's 100% luhh! But maybe not on this photo.

Something funny.. lol

Who says we don't look like sisters eh?
Both of us look like Sammi Cheng lo!

This is Jeremy! 66% Paris Hilton!

Stephen Chow!!!
My sister and I was already guessing him even before the webby scans his face!

Derek look like Wang Lee Hong?! Eyyer! REDO!


Alright alright,.. this is going crazy.
To see the rest of the face recognition thingie, click : Face recognition results!

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