Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Butter Cookies! =)

[16 Sept 09]

Butter Factory on a Wednesday.
So, it was ladies night.

Just in case you people don't know him, he is Dharni Ng.
Incredibly awesome awesome beatboxer. So talented!
I totally adore and admire him. Heh!~
Check out his videos! [Click]

After I paste the link here, I watched those new videos.
S T A R S T R U C K.
The lips.

Audrey and Patricia.
Patricia is such a darling, she brought some of the mf girls down!

Decades since I last saw them!

That night at Butter was like a celebrity hangout.
We had, Ronald Keating, JJ Lin, Jaycee (I don't know to spell, anyway, it's Cheng Long's son), and David Tao Ze! Pretty cool. Anyway, JJ asked for my number. Though I am no major fan of his, it's nice. And oh, Jaycee is very touchy.

Sadly we can't take pictures with them. It's to prevent paparazzi that kinda shit. Ah wells, at least I got to kiss Dharni! Hoho! I remember my friends telling me, it's weird that I didn't go gaga over those huge celebrities, but I went gaga when I saw Dharni. I'm such a crazy person.

To see the rest of the pictures, click : 091609. Butter Cookies.


[23 Sept 09]

Butter Factory Wednesday again. =)
It was after my Toyota Panasonic work.

This is Apple.
One of the 4 Vibe Party Girls. I will have an entry on that. =)

And alot of Winnie and I.


There was Korean celebrities there that night. Totally don't know who they are.
Ah wells. Didn't really have much pictures to share too.

To see the rest of the pictures, click : 092309. Butter Cookies.

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