Monday, October 12, 2009

Ultra violent dreams.

You know how many people believe that Dreams are related to part of your life, or part of your thinking and all aye? And, with all the dream interpretation websites, (which results differ from site to site) it's easy to "unlock" the mystery of why you dream some stuff.

It's annoying though, that I've been dreaming really BAD stuff. Not scary nightmare kinda dreams that we all have when we're younger. But BAD stuff as in, ME being the BAD person in the dream. Honestly, I've never dreamt such dreams ever, till recently. o.O

I guessed it's the lifestyle change and all the shit. Majority of my old friends, and my family members would know. I hate to socialize and all. I can merry-make, but not necessary with everyone. Well, but now it's different. I've been talking to alot of new people I met whist working. Some are fine, but some are not. We shall not point fingers and name names. =)

As I was saying about hating to mix around and stuff. Yep, now I have to. It's like an unspoken rule to be sociable with everyone. Like duh right? Who would like to work around a grumpy, stuck up person? So, life "out there" is like a facade. Resulting to impersonation and split personality inwards! Thus, reflecting in my dreams.

Woah. I am quite a good interpreter aye!?

So much for analyzing, I shall tell you all the dream.
Beware that some parts might not make sense, but eh, random people have random dreams.

  1. It was an indoor setting. With dim romantic candle lights and beautiful decorations. I forgot what I was dreaming, untill the scene became ugly. I some how managed to get the guy (I have no idea who he was) on the dining table, and tied him up.

    The next thing I know, I was slicing his dick of with a sword. A long kinda sword that knights use. And the whole dick was off, (miraculously, it wasn't bleeding) and the 2 balls place was half. (Looks kinda grey inside)

    I was so shock that I did that in my dream, and I woke up.
    (few weeks back)

  2. The setting is like a holiday carnival van thingie. With elaborated decorations, and beanbags to sit. Rayner, Thisperson, my mother and myself was the main casts of the dream.

    Some how or another, this carnival van thing belongs to my mother. Rayner, Thisperson and I (and quite a bit of I don't know who) was sitting in the van watching some carnival show screening from a small TV. And then, I decided that I wanted to bathe. So, I took out my clothes and was wrapped in a towel.

    (Note that I was in the middle of Rayner and Thisperson)
    And then, Thisperson said something (I forgot) implying that I slept with him, in front of Rayner. And gave a smirk kinda shit. I was super pissed off, because I knew I did not (in real life). And I hit him using a remote control (???). He died. (Just kidding). He tried to stop me, and I tried to hit him. And all along, he was fucking smiling. And I managed to hit him BADLY. He bled. There was a large gash across his forehead.

    And that, I rest my case. And I woke up.
    (last night before going boatquay)

  3. This time, it's Haloween, and we were at this place (which looks like Mayflower, but it's all white). Everyone was wearing their costumes, but I just couldn't find one for myself. So, I cut out a newspaper top and wore it. (This is no link to the violence part, but I used a marker pen and wrote, "This is my haloween costume" in front of my shirt)

    Suddenly, the scene change to an after party scene. And there was no one other than myself. I was being retarded and jumping around like a lunatic. I hopped into the hall. There was debris of everything all over.

    AND THEN, I freaking saw JOY's head. Just her head, without the body. (It was on the head of a container lorry in the hall (?????) So weird, how did I jump up there? ) And the next thing I did was horrifying. I took a baseball bat and CRUSH HER HEAD. Not once, not twice, but alot of times! And then, I somesort of saw her body, and crushed her body as well!

    And suddenly, I'm home, telling my mum I killed Joy (but technically I did not). And I don't know what to do (it was Friday). And suddenly, I think the real me gained a little consciousness, and I fucking REGRET. I kept thinking about her new friends, her family and the times we had together! WOAH. Crazy.

    Then, it's Sunday. And I got to go to school the next day. Which means, I'll have to explain to people about the whereabouts of Joy. (Think I just left her there =/ ) And I not know what to do. The cops might catch me and stuff. So I got very nervous and all.

    My mother walked into my room, and had ALOT of black bobby pins hang at the windowgrils. She say, she got it planned out already, and I shouldn't worry. But the pins was so questionable, the reallife me became awake. End.
    (before I woke up, just )

Anyway, JOY!!!
I will never do that to you. I SWEAR! I feel very bad for dreaming it la! =/
Please do not shun or hate me after reading. Lol!

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