Friday, October 9, 2009

Derek's Birthday Celebration.

[25 Sept 2009]

Just in case you people want to know, which I highly doubt it, but still, Derek's birthday is on the 28th of Sept. Anyway, went down to Zouk to celebrate his birthday.

Saw Jun Ying and KayKay outside Zouk. They doing some F1 thingie.


That's the birthday boy Derek.


Winnie is taller than the both of us.
And I was like,.. haiyer,..
So she was damn kind, and we took a 2nd picture.

Heh! Not bad eh?
I'm T A L L.

Nira was there too.

Alrighty, around 10 pictures or so,..
The rest are at Facebook! =)

To the the rest of the pictures, click: 092509. Derek's Birthday Celebration.

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Enjoy your day! Imma sleep now!

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