Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello, this is Ang Mo Kio Police HQ..

An officer called me an hour ago, and that was her first sentence. Honestly, I thought I was fucked. Haha! But no I'm not. Wipe that grin off you evil people!

Anyway, that officer called to ask if I want to pursue a case, dated 2 years back. (Some fat shit mother of some softie from school slapped me.) Full story somewhere at my previous blog, I shall go dig it out later.

(I just "got back" from my previous blog hunting.)

Click to read.
[It's a pretty good read I would say. ]
(p.s. don't judge me. People do change. ^^)

Yea, pursuing the case would be a choice if I want to, "show some colours" to them. But honestly, it's time consuming, and I am at a total different phase of life as compared to then. I've been asking around, some people say that I should forget about it, well others say to continue with this shit.

I don't know, what do you think? (I have got till Friday to decide.)
Comment alright?

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