Friday, October 9, 2009

Bugs' life.

This is an amazingly updated entry.
I just took this picture 1hr ago.

Bugs mating.

Actually I wanted to show y'all how TINY they really are. Bad I clicked too quickly when I crop the picture. I overwrote it on the original. Ah wells, anw, these bugs where inside Nana's chinchilla's food. She claim they GREW from the food. Which I highly doubt so. It's more like she didn't close the container tightly yea?

Since I titled this as the Bugs' life. I must as well tell y'all how it ended yea? Nana proceeded with throwing out the contents, and swipe the lovingly mate couple off, into the basin. Who knows they might just fall and die.. How sad.

Just like the lizards in this video. Watch.


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