Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kena stereotyped.

Have you, ever being stereotyped, just because you belong to a certain class of people? Well, you might have, or you might have not. I, certainly had been stereotyped before, and not just once or twice, but several times.

Stereotypes. They are generalizations, or assumptions, that people make about the characteristics of all members of a group, based on an image (often wrong) about what people in that group are like.

Some of the most common stereotypes examples are, Asians are shrewd and reserved, while Americans arrogant and materialistic. Or maybe something closer to us. For example, Malays are the ones committing crimes. Jailbirds are nothing but a disgrace to society. Or, gangsters are good for nothing losers, coming from screwed up family background. Or, non-virgin girls are slutty and easy.

Note. Above are just examples and illustrations. Mind you, I do not mean any of them.

And most of the time, those stereotypical remarks are not true.
Why not we take some of those examples I'd listed above to discuss.

They are usually stereotyped into being irresponsible, uncaring, and might even back stab others. Now, lets be mature adults and think about it. How true is that statement? Weren't we taught that mistakes can be amended? People can repent, and turn over a new leaf? Then why stereotype them?

Children from complicated family background.
They are usually stereotyped into two extremes. Either they are emotionally weak, emotional, and sad all the time, cause they are deprive of proper love as others view it. Or they are rebellious, headstrong, with stinking attitude, and maybe warp in the mind, cause they are left to fend from themselves since young. Gosh hey! That is absolutely not right. Complicated or divorced family kids are well loved by they parents and/or step parents. They grow up with proper guidance just like any other family.

They are usually stereotyped into girls who are easy, slutty, with millions of sex partners. But, why so? The situation might not be what that's stereotyped. They could be forced, drugged, and did it out of love in a mature mindset -and got cheated.

But sadly, people still do, stereotype others.
I, simply cannot stand it. I feel, anyone and everyone, regardless of their ethic groups, social classes, family backgrounds, genders, what so ever, should always be viewed as an individual. No one should already be set with a "default" based on which ever kind of stereotypes there might be. Especially those negative ones! It's definitely unfair. Everyone should be given chances. Chances to prove themself; Chances to show who they really are; Chances to flaunt their personality and character.

Just days ago.
I witnessed a clear portray of stereotyping, but a fellow forumer in msn. Gosh. It sucks to be witnessing it, especially when you a strong believer of a anti-stereotype!

However, to be frank, I wouldn't say myself as though I am a saint, and I do not stereotype. I do. Impressions will be build up in my mind, of people from the same groupings, or classification, (e.g. Fat, skinny, social status..etc). I do not deny. But, I don't show, and I will never let my stereotypes affect my judgment of the certain person.

I am not preaching here. But I sincerely hope people will just stop stereotyping others. Instead, give everyone chances, to prove themselves.

Lastly, I have one Wiki link to share, about the different stereotypes out there. It's quite intresting, y'all can read it out of leisure.

Enjoy your weekend.!
Sweet peace!

(p.s I even changed my msn nick into, Jocelyn hates people who stereotype. )

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