Monday, November 3, 2008

Behind the scenes..

of the coffee label promono shoot I did in the holidays..

(Note: I will be blogging pictures these days, cos I just transferred tons of pictures from my camera, into the comp. So, look out!! =) )

Lol! That funny looking man standing there's the photographer.
He was testing the lighting and stuff..

Rather messy/congested studio I would say.
And coincidentally, this studio is just 2 level above Vee's.

Rayboy's with me.
Like as usual...

Candid, and it was focused behind.

Now to a proper picture...

Anw, I wore Mummy's long dress for this shoot.
Mummy got it custom made, so it fits me well. =)

Huge ass! >.<

Anw, the makeup artist did my hair and makeup.
And I was so not looking right in it!

Then I realised,
it was because, she did not line the top of my eyelids!

The hair was nice though, mohawk lookalike.
Pity I do not have any proper picture of it.

By the way, I have yet to receive the professional shots for this thingie.

Hock a.k.a Oliver!
Are those pictures processed??!


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