Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Books, notes, papers, practices, answers and more notes…!

Arghhh! When is this going to end?!

I am practically turning into a full time nerdy studious geek, what's missing now is a pair of thick-framed, black rimmed glasses!



My schedule starting on Monday was to study in school - every single day, till the end of exams, from the day till the night. How gross did that sound? Very, I know. It's just 2 days into my study week and I am complaining already. How am I to survive till next Thursday?! It's okay, I know I can bypass all hurdles, and get a decent grade for GPA.. yadah yadah.. Sob. I MUST SURVIVE through this!


I'm a survivor,
I'm not gonna give up
I'm not gonna stop
I'm gonna work harder
I'm a survivor,
I'm gonna make it
I will survive
Keep on surviving – Destiny Childs


Alright, this is mad.
By the way, it's 1.27am currently, and I am going to get some beauty/brain resting sleep. Given that I a photoshoot lined right at the weekend of my last paper. Zzz. Beauty regime should not be forsaken!


Oh! Before I go, I feel oblige to f-ing curse and swear at this f-ing fat malay female pork who suppose to teach us this no brain-er subject – Managing Business System.
I freaking scored a C for my 60% weightage coursework! Wtf?!


Allow me to make this clear. Scoring a C for this no-brainer subject is alright.
But given that I scored a B+ for mid semester, C+ for online test, B for project… Frankly, I am unhappy about it lo.
Half of my group members scored B+ for project, and me scoring a B is bad enough. Given that I did quite a fair bit of the project, and presented it as clearly as I could… That fat pork said that the marks differ because of group evaluation and presentation. Arghh… Confirm + Chop. This fat pork lard has a problem with me. Maybe because I am chicken thin and have bird legs!


And by using the Principle of Prudence of the Financial Accounting Principle, I did a calculation of my highest possible participation marks she gave me. Guess what? It was a freaking 2.6 marks! 2.6 out of 10! Bet this pulled down my coursework grade hell lot! Like duh? It's 2 grades down! AHHH! Her reason was, lectures are important, and without attending lectures, it's very hard for students to understand the subject and score. Damn fucked up! What was that freaking B+ ?! All thanks to Zhihui's guidance. NOT the pork lo!


From my POV, we can't score because of low participation marks, and not because of failing to learn in lectures! ZZ!


Alright, setting this Fatty pork lard aside, I really want to thank my Organisational Behaviour tutorial teacher. =)


I scored a low C for my mid semester on this subject, and I still managed to get a moderate B+ for my 50% coursework. Thinking of this makes me smile. I must have scored in the individual project presentation, and the class participation component to achieve this lo! Heh!


When she flashed the results, I was damn shocked! Though the rest of my clique scored A, they were the top 3 of mid sem alright!? Wahaha! I love teachers who see student's effort in learning, and to help them in as many ways possible to achieve good grades. =D


Coursework grades

  • Financial Accounting 2 – B+
  • Macroeconomics – B+
  • Organisational Behaviour – B+
  • Business statistics – A
  • MBS – C


Yepps, that is it.

Love all those who check back despite me not blogging! Tataas!
Enjoy life while I mug my way to end of all papers~ Goodnights!

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