Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kahh-chik! Jocelyn's Photography

Heh! Don't pray pray arh, my photography neh!!

Lol. Went over the Chijmes at CityHall to snap some shots of textures, patterns, and colours of architectures and patterns for my CDS. Though I need 9 different shots, I shot alot of pictures. Did the filtering, and post processing.. Now, here's my work. =)

I wouldn't say it's darn creative or uniquely-in-my-perspective kindda thing, but just sharing my school work alright?

But sad thing, shooting still lifes are really not my kindda thing. Scenery yes, but, archetetures, and objects? Don't really seems to appeaciate as much leh.

Oh! Or did I chose a bad location to shoot? Lol! Which ever way, I am glad that I'm done with it. =) Got to get it print in Xorex tomorrow!

[Click for larger view]
Goodnights all!

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