Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh nos!! I am not on form!

Orkay, this is bads bads!
I forsake 2 days of my mugging schedule for darling boy and my 1yr anniversary, and when now that I'm home for nearly 4hours already, I still can't get my eyes off the comp screen!

Where did my initial determination to study hard go?! Come back please!
This is real bad. And, nana's not home to motivate me. What to doooo....

I'll post 2 study pictures up, and then, drag my sorry ass into the study room. Awww..

Heh! Don't play play, I am a tutorial teacher lo! Heh!
Damn, the teacher's table was so huge compared to me!
Picture was taken on one of the days of the study week.
One of nana's lecturer opened up a class room just for the 2 of us.
How nice!

Look at her expression!
Know why? The coffee she's holding was scorching hot!

Alrights, I shall end here.
And damn, I feel like sleeping already! zzz!

Com'on girl, don't stop never give up, la la la and reach the top!

(p.s. Pardon bad skin, dark eye rings, and big eye bags. It's the exam period yo! )

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