Sunday, February 8, 2009

Braids on NY..

Picture taken : 1 Jan 2009
Event : New Year Celebration @ St. James Powerhouse

Paparazzi kindda shot taken by Gem. I find it so natural! It's like there's this natural aura of chio-ness surrounding me. I might not be uber pretty, but the poise and the smile thing going on..

Simple love it!

It's easy to create this hair braid thing..
Simple take a section of hair, near the temper, but more to the back. Make sure you leave ample hair before the section, and on top of the section, to cover up the start of the braid..

Hairspray, wax, gel the braid in place, and simply put it across your forehead. Secure with bobby pins~

Viola, you will get this look! =)

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