Friday, February 6, 2009

Romance is in the hair~

Picture taken : 17 Jan 2009

Romantic curls.

I curled my hair myself the day before, to school. The guys were saying that I look darn old with a young face. -.-

Ahwells, this is the second day curls. I find it nicer, as it's softer and looser than day one.

By the way, I used the hair straightener(1inch), with tons of hair spray to secure the curls. Apparently, it lasted till Sunday, which was day 3. Might even last longer, but got to wash it off first thing in the morning. And damn, I was reluctant! Haha!

I used the looped around the straightener and slowly dragging down technique. First time doing it, think it's a success! =D

Pardon my smeared mascara, and unconcealed eye rings,.. I stayed over at Rayner's the night before. ^^

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