Sunday, February 8, 2009

Phiyornah's photography.

Heh! Bet most of you remember seeing this scandalous picture yea? Like duh, it's right at the top of my left panel. Anw, my sister has been constantly urging me do a little write up about this picture,.. since I want to use it as my blog display picture. Well, sort of.. -.- (She wants to take credit! Cause, she came out with the entire idea. Laughs!)

Photographer : Phiyornah
Location : Sentosa
Models : Jocelyn, Rayner
Theme : Passion
Art director : Phiyornah
Rationale : Though both models were clad with beach wear, the strategic posing and framework made it seems that both models were naked. The energy of the arms around each other and the passionate kiss shows the energy, and adrenaline rush of lovers. <3

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