Thursday, February 5, 2009

9th day of Chinese New Year.

Despite me disliking the, supposedly festive, joyous, and get-together occasion, there is this day of the Chinese New Year that I love.

Which is the 9th day of the Chinese New Year.
This is the day for the Chinese to offer prayers and pay their respect to the Jade Emperor of heaven, otherwise known as, "玉皇上帝" or "天公".

This year, just like the past, mum and dad will set up this paper-alter-castle-lookalike thing, together with sugar canes and the yellow lantern lookalike paper beside it. With tables loaded with the traditionally sumptuous dishes, meats, fruits, and pastries. And most importantly, 5 cups of XO wine, and tiny paper beings with our names on it. =))

This year's joss sticks were the prettiest I'd ever used.
Gold, thick and glittery~

Mum and dad.

After saying our prayers and giving respect to the Jade Emperor at home, we bought those burn-able stuffs down to the pavement directly facing our corridor to burn those offerings. =)

The sugarcanes,
protected the Chinese from a certain extermination generations ago.
That's why it's an essential on this occasion.

That's me on the left, and nana on the right.
Though she didn't manage to turn up for the ritual,
we didn't forget her lo!
So thoughtful of Mummy. ^^

After setting up, and offering the XO.
Mum and dad burnt those offerings..
and as usual, second uncle cheered, "Huat arhh!"

When the flames reached the sugar canes,
the moisture and sugar content in it, caused the popping sounds.

Like fire crackers.
But a softer clearer sounding version.
Just to my liking. =)

This event is by far, my favourite in the Chinese New Year.
Though I am never a religious person, I enjoy every part of this ceremony of praying to the Jade Emperor.

When I was young, lights out was always 9.30pm. So, my mother will always wake me up near 12am, so I can pray to the Jade Emperor. I remember those long sleeved PJs that I wore. Ahh, how cute a scene. =) Hehe!


Bet many wondered why I dislike Chinese New Year. Well, to be more exact, I dislike the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Where there are people and noises everywhere.

For my case, my family is huge! Given that of my family background, imagine how much visitings I ought to make! For my horoscope - cancer, I am always said to be a family oriented person, home loving and stuff... But for me, this only extend to my household.

To be honest, I dreaded visiting pap's house. Too much relatives and I couldn't remember their status! The worst part was that, they made it seems so important,.. and me forgetting's a grave mistake, a misconduct.


I am glad that visitings are over. =)
And I am looking forward to the last day of Chinese New Year!

I love glutinous rice balls!

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