Thursday, August 28, 2008

Merry merry holidays~

Hail to the arrival of holidays!


I am totally ecstatic about holidays!

It's like, I've waited almost the whole of my life - just for the coming of this day...

Nahh, not so emotional!
I am obviously exaggerating!

But putting it candidly, I simply simply miss holidays alright. Like who don't yea? Holiday is like a period of time where one can finally feel immense joy in their life! (Apart from striking lottery, and I don't mean that I feel Joy as in my friend Joy, but Joy as in happiness Joy. >.<)
So.... I am so going to spend my holiday wisely.

Totally self-pampering entries will be seen at this space this holiday.
Together with learning lots of new stuff. Going new places. Meeting new people. Earning truck loads of money. Shopping. Pictures. Videos.

Ahhhh! Listing just 2% of what I've been wanting to do, is getting me ohh-so-excited! Wwwooooh~!!!

Check back yea?

For the time being, I shall catch up with my beauty sleep.
(In other to catch up, I think I'll have to sleep a full 78hours on shot!)
And, then, start off the first day of my holiday with exercising to sexiness. =B

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