Saturday, August 2, 2008

太可惜了, 算我看错了人

You know what,
I sincerely think that I should thank you for one thing - you showed me I chose the wrong guy. Wimpy as it may seem, to hell with it. I don't call him mine anymore.


On the other hand, it really search me whether you trust Daniel that much or you are just not strong enough to take the truth.

You might think that I want to bring you down, and muse at your downfall - I can't say it isn't true. But, for one, I don't have the reason to break you up. Thus allow me to correct myself for using the word "cheat". Fact is, the messages are real, and what happen happened. I don't see how is it possible that you really think I'll go to the extent to fabricating the messages.

These are all that's left -

. . .

If you really trust him, all the best to your relationship.

(p.s There's nothing cool about mimicking the supposed trust. It's all a facade, when you need to check his phone/friendster and continuously checking back on our blogs, even after we lied to you that the entries were NOT directed to Daniel.)

(p.s.s The lying was requested by Daniel, just to pacify you.)

(p.s.s.s Don't see how is it possible for you two to be enjoying the relationship when both of you don't talk or even behave right.)

(p.s.s.s.s and you were wearing the same jeans and bad shoes, but I got to say that your top was not bad)

Erm, that was kindda a lot of p.s, the main point is that, your relationship with him is your thing, none of my business. Those are solely my opinion, which shouldn't bother you. Likewise, it wasn't your opinion (he was ugly..etc) that made me leave him. It was for fact of what he did.

I hope you are able to differentiate between facts and whats not. Don't live in delusion.

And HOPEFULLY this is my last msg to you. All your replies are merely trying to bring me down (bagei..etc), and to explain yourself regarding my statements (denim top and bottom matches..etc). There's no fun cause you can't bring me down (I've been bagei since forever, and living well with it). And you really don't have to explain yourself (continue dressing that way since you think tt it's nice).

Byebye TAB-AYE. Wow, it rhymes. 真是个璇!

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