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Advertorials - CREATE2011 Finale

CREATE2011 Finale
Remember my blog entry about the launch of this event?
This entry is covering the finale! :)
Click the link if you've yet to read.

Basically, this event celebrates the rockstars of engineering.
Allow my pictures to walk you through the entire event.

Esther and I were the first to reach the venue. It was held at AMKhub.
We bloggers were treated like VIPs for the event!
And each of us was brought for an individual walk through and was given detailed explation and introduction to the event.
See the food and drinks on the table? Heh, we're at the VIP reception area.
Free refreshments!

We were given lucky draw tickets, and voting stickys for the voting session.

 Emcees on the act..

This is Mae, she's only 15! The youngest blogger among us.
See that blue circle thingie? It's the VIP sticker ok? Not the "im-not-having-a-fever" sticker.

Eh, I did not take individual shots with Tammy. :(
My camera was out of batt, bobian, left with iPhone camera. Hur

Heh. Caught in the act sweeping cookie crumbs off my hands.

We were all stuffing our faces with this goodie!
The browns taste better. See? So little brown left!!
And there was this table, with 3 lady teachers beside ours. And they like the whites!!
So were so tempted to ask for an exchange of container! lol.

As we were enjoying the VIP treatment, the presentation of the participating teams started.
There were large TVs around the area screening the close up actions of the teams.
(Which was such an awesome idea, we need not squeeze!)

Close upp!

And it's voting time!

IMO, Anglo-Chinese Junior College - The Three Musketeers's creation, FISOR was the best!
(Okay la, they ended up winning the competition.)

Create stickys!

This is the mock-up of FISOR.
It's this sensor thingie that you wear at your fingers!!
Ok, they presented about better control on surgical table, stimulation practices etc.

You can strangle zombies, slap bitches, karate chop villains as though they are real!
I was seriously excited about the coming of this device. Gaming to a whole new level.

They were the first to present, which makes other teams pale in comparison.

SEE the the blue and white uniforms? :X
Nanyang Girls' High School, as well as CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School participated in CREATE2011 too.
They really did hype up the atmosphere.

We were suppose to vote for a Senior and a Junior category.
(I did not take any pictures of the junior team that I voted. It was too crowded.)
Anyway, the team I voted was team The Ideators from Nanyang Girls' High School.
They came up with something revolving around preventing drink driving.
And guess what, they won the competiton under the Junior category too!!

I.e. I am open to the chance of lucky draw TWICE!
No I did not win!!

Overall, I was really impressed with some of the ideas that the participating teams came up with.
And I think that CREATE2011 is an event worth participating in.
I know some of you readers did join the "Thought-starter" round! Saw the emails. I'm impressed.
Last but not least,
the event was made extra special with these blogger friends! :)

Those who wish to participate, but didn't get a chance to do it this year, there will always be the next! CREATE2012

Till next year, get your brains cracking.
Visit to read the insights of the teams!

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