Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Love - All Stage Lights on Mr. Salty

I don't frequent any blog page,
(I do spend some time to read through every other entry on Saturday love though)
Neither do I own a blog space,
And I've never ever participated in a blog post.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not voicing my protest against blogging.
I think it is a good medium for self expression. I've just never
really identified myself with it. And so, yes this is my first official post.

I've read some of the entries that briefly mentioned me, in a good way or not.
I've also come across comments that were for or against me. To know that
there are people out there reading and participating, it sure has made our
lives more interesting.

And so, I'm here today really because Jocelyn has invited me to write a short
entry for Saturday Love. I don't think you people out there would prefer reading
me but I don't rule out the possibility that there might just be a little more of me
in the future Saturday Love posts. So I thought I'll start by introducing myself
just a bit.

I guess some of you would have already heard about it and the rest could still
be thinking. Yes, I'm 27 this year. We're close to 8 years apart in age. And yeah,
I've heard a lot of unflattering comments about our pairing. Thank you anyway.
We've probably been together close to a year now and its only lately that I've
been formerly introduced as Mr Salty. I'm Mr Salty because I used to be really
big and unhealthy in my younger years. I was asked by the school to be a health
ambassador discouraging others from living a unhealthy eating lifestyle just so they
won't end up looking like me.

Apart from our age disparity,

we're really almost similar in any other way.
Many have told us that we resemble the other.
We're both really good at playing stupid,
not to mention that we both love doing that.
We're highly competitive and ambitious and
more often than not, we can be really stubborn
about our opinions at times.
This might come as a surprise to many of you but
Jocelyn has got an appetite for food as huge as me,
despite our difference in size and built.

Overall, I have to say I enjoy being with this little interesting character.

And perhaps if I do get another chance on Saturday Love in future,

I'll probably tell you 10 interesting things about her!


  1. LOL i can imagine Jocelyn saying " Eh, bold that word over there"...

  2. Mr salty column. thats something new.

  3. Haha! No, I have to clarify that I did not vet through the entry! So I think there's already a "Blogger" in him to bold and italic certain words. lol!

  4. u shd incorporate him into ur blog more often...

  5. Nice... waiting 4 the 10 interesting thing about U from him...

  6. Yep. He's "invited" as on of the bloggers of this page. So he can blog whenever he likes lo. But he's usually busy. Hur..

  7. Haha, honestly, I can't wait either!

  8. why u talk to urself

    1. I wasn't talking to myself duh!! -.-
      I was using Haloscan (Echo) commenting widget/system thingie, until they started charging. When I removed it from my blog, everything was name under my username.