Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Advertorial - MVS Closet

Be Modern, with Vogue and get Smitten.
That's how the name MVS Closet came about.

After navigating in their page, I am impressed with the little write-up they have at the "about me" segment.

This truely display the commitment that these girls put in their business.
*Two thumbs up!*

They are currently running Collection 10.
As of now, they have new updates every first wednesday of the month under the Twin Package tab!
Twin Package is a MONTHLY Choice of any 2 items with a
10% DISCOUNT off the total!
So be sure to visit them often.

Allow me to feature my top 3 picks!
Collection 10 - D62 Modern Seventies
I love to go granny-style once in a while.
Accessorize extensively with vintage necklaces and bangles.

Collection 10 - D64 Pop Colours
Long maxi that everyone loves! I simple can't get enough of this.
Hoho, I realised I've been featuring many maxi in my recent advert.
I can't stress enough my of adoration for long hemline.

Collection 8 - OV5 Roosa Tube Playsuit Beige-Gray
This playsuit is damn chic looking!
It's like a high-waist trousers! Work-friendly!


[Update] - I just got an email from MVS Closet!

Join their mailing list to get all the discounts and privileges that only a mail-listee gets.
You wouldn't want to miss this!!


These girls put in plenty of effort into this blog!
Visit MVS Closet today!

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