Thursday, September 9, 2010

Advertorial - Serectshoppe

Who likes Taiwanese beauty products?
"me me me me!"
I will be introducing this blogshop, Serectshoppe to you!
They carry products from masks to slimming socks, to blackhead scrub to blingbling pens!
(P.s. And they have many products that was previously mentioned/featured in 女人我最大!

 They sent me a mega huge ring, 
and a blingbling pen to go along with this advert.
See the lovely mesh pouch that came with the products?
I simply love and appreciate the attention Esther (blogshop owner) put in.
Serectshoppe really does differentiate itself from the rest of the blogshops selling alike stuffs.

Mr. Salty was reluctantly taking these pictures for me..
I just had to show him a face.
(He was watching TV.)

Awwww, a diamond ring!
See the ribbon on top? Aww, love those dainty girly things.

Married. (lol)
But she got me the wrong size. Hurr..

Oops, I think it's just a keychain..

Other than the diamond ring keychain (lol), she got me a blingbling pen.
This is damn chio lo! 
Now that I'm working as a Personal Assistant, there's many chances to flash the pen!


Let me single out some of the cool stuff that they carry.
Item #025 - Manicure protector - $11.20

Item #043 - Lip mask - $1.50

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