Saturday, September 11, 2010

Advertorial - Running Thread

Hello my people!!
 If you are (like me), feeling..


We all need some shopping therapy.
Guys just don't understand.
It works, period.

 Visit Running Thread for all cute and quirky apparels.
I'm sure y'all will love it as much as I do!
(Anw, sidenote, don't you think the brown hair model looks really sweet?) :)

Long dress with strips like such (slightly wider) is an interesting addition to your wardrobe.
It's fancy but simple.
You can feel free to pile on your straw hats, geek specs and bow ties... 
or any other quirky accessories! 

Over-alls are common these days, 
but I particularly like their play-suit for a couple of reasons:

Tube - perfect for showing off new necklaces.
High waist - doesn't leave you looking like a balloon or tulip.
Extremely slim cut - harem pants are not particularly flattering on tiny girls, we gotta wear tower-high heels to nail the look... skinnies like this are made for us! 

"Casually SEXY", enough said. 
And this is so good for "fat days"!

The "go-well-with-everything" bag!

And there's something about bags with this kinda straps.
I'm not quite sure if its the length or the thickness...

It's the most convenient kind!
You can easily fetch stuff from your bag since its at waist length.
And it doesn't block the wind... 
(People who understands this understand, people who don't don't. So if you don't, don't try!)


Their new collection was launched just yesterday 10th of September.
omg quick before everything is sold out.
And as if the chio clothes are not reason enough,
[Quote: Honeyhoneybakedham or JocelynKau]

Click-away and start shopping!
(What else?)

And also banner will be up on my side panel!
Easy excess for y'all! Enjoy. :)

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