Friday, September 24, 2010

Frequently asked question.


I'll have to agree that this question is at the top of my recent FAQs.
Actually there 5 reasons for my disappearance.

1. Boyfriend
I've been spending alot of quality time with Mr. Salty, making me really lazy to do anything else. But other than speading time with him, both of us kinda love to watch movies in the comfort of our bedroom. So there's no choice but to sacrifice my laptop to watch PPStream movies. 
(Because his laptop is too lousy and doesn't have the port to connect to the TV!)
2. Exams
I have four papers, but I only went for two. I.e. I'll have to take another two more papers in the coming weeks. This is seriously hindering me from fully enjoying myself.

3. Intership
Internship has started, and I am working as an intern in HSBC. There's lots of work to do, and truth be told, despite all my complains, I love this job. I self-secured my intership, and the pay is wayyy higher than most of my peers which got posted to outside companies by the school.

4. Bad internet connection
This is a huge deal! The internet connection at Mr Salty's house is superr sucky. It takes several tries to upload a batch of pictures into the net. And several refreshes to play a youtube video. Boohoo. Really erases my "feel" to update my blog/twitter/facebook.

5. Korean Drama
I am watching this Korean Drama <<个人取向>>. I think it is currently showing on TV, but I watched it through PPStream. So.... Am. Really. Hooked. Heh.


So, that about summarises my missing-in-action for the past 2-3 months.
Bad blogger! Hurhur.. T.T

And oh, I know I've missed 2 weeks of Saturday Love. 
Oops. Thanks for all your mails, showing concerns and all. Really sweet! 
Mr Salty and I, we're fine and still in love. No worries! :)

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