Sunday, August 15, 2010

KL Trip. [Part 4]

This is a continuation from Part 3!
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This was Day2 of my trip to KL!

Our day started in the afternoon. (What's new? Lol!) So we took a lil walk to this road side shack eating place near the hostel that we were staying in. I can't remember if it's tasty or not (it's been a while, you see.), but I think it was. Nana and I shared a plate, just so we have enough stomach space for the FOODIE ST later!
Anyway, look at my face. Obviously, I didn't get enough sleep. -.- So evident from the picture la! Either that, or the sun was glaring.

After the breakfast+lunch, we decided to talk a look at the supposed "tourist attractions" which were just around the corner. This is a Hindu temple (which I have no clue of the name). Not very interesting, obviously. :/ It was renovating! What luck! 
Anyway, see that green room/house thing from the picture above?
That's damn scary luh! There's like coffin or something inside. :S Guarded somemore.

After the Hindu Temple, we visited this Taoist Temple.
See the ash on my head? I was blessed lo! FOC somemore. I later got to know from this pair of German tourist that they believe that good luck will come when ash falls on your head. There's this phrase in German,.. (okay I have absolutely no clue how that phrase sounded like now).

Look at the picture on the top left! It's made up of maannnyyy tiny men on horses. Eyer. Damn scary.
And Nana and I spotted a BAO (bun) with 4D numbers on it. 9060!! 

I am never a religious person, and anything too "religious" will freak me out. :(

After the religious journey, we cabbed to this city area which reminded me very much of Orchard Rd.
We were both feeling damn heaty (by the hot weather + lack of hydration), we bought a packet of mixed fruit from a roadside cart! Tasty!

We were under the mercy of the angry sun, so we decided to chillax at A&W!
I am so jealous of "the me in the pictures". JUST LOOK AT THAT ROOTBEER FLOAT! I think we lehpak there for 2hours or so! (There was wifi! Wahahaa).
I remembered tempting everyone on facebook/twitter with my A&W pictures. Heh!

Very heaty. See my tonsils. Eww..

We entered this shopping mall, and bought 1 ring each, and tried their CUP-BON bubble tea. The sweet-talk in Singapore is much better. :S No biasness hor.

So, evening time came, and we took a slow walk toward Jalan Alor! The famous foodie street that's a MUST-GO, MUST-EAT in all the travel guides.

Please click to see the larger version.
I miss the CHAR KWAY TIAO la! T_T
Fucking spicy, tasty much! The taste of that charkwaytiao is uniquely MALAYSIAN lo!

And SO, we ended the night drinking coconut juice at this open space where it's a live-band playing English songs. They were good!

Stick around for the last part of my KL Trip!

Honestly, I need a getaway from Singapore soon.
I need a holiday!


  1. Haha! Like so inaccurate lo your entry! It was a pomelo, not bao!! HAHA! And are the guys German, i thought they were Americans? Kua kua... Please refer to my blog for a more accurate recount. XD Btw, you so late then load these pictures makes me feel fat under comparison.

  2. OMG, I can't believe you saying this!  It's a bao in a bao what!!? Pomelo not green meh? Anw. GERMAN LA LAME! KUAKUA x 100 back to you. -.- See their FB. Americans converse and facebook in German meh! omg. 

  3. yeah, a getaway from Singapore. Alot of things I can't buy in Singapore, all can be found overseas. I think a trip to Malaysia is fun just that I cannot stand the long trip (if by bus or car). I spent a few hours in the bus on the way to genting earlier this year. 

  4. hi,

    saw ur twiiter, that you self-made the ring light. how you do it?

  5. Take a budget airline and fly over to KL lo! 25mins or so! Real quick! Yep you are right. There are some stuffs that aren't sold in S'pore. But, even when they are. It's expensive.

  6. Hey. You can youtube it! I got the inspiration in one of the youtube videos! I'll share a lil more in a blog entry! The uncle at the FunanITmall is an asshole. He tried to sell it to me at $185. Siao. Mine just cost about $25++ , but w 1-2hrs of hard work.

  7. You got buy chewing gum in malaysia?

  8. thx babe..

    and look at ur pic, make me wanna 'chiong' to KL for the A&W.. Hahaa

  9. Nope. I don't like the eat chewing gum. 

  10. Sure. :) YAHLO! Hahaa! The rootbeer float! Sinful, but damn shiok.

  11. gosh the food looks damn awesome :D