Saturday, August 28, 2010

Advertorials - RejuviCare 3D Contouring Facemask

Hello people!
Today I am bring y'all this awesome facemask!

Many of us are not familiar with this brand of skincare products.
But from what I know, many beauty parlors actually uses this product.
So, initially, this product is only available through those beauty parlors, but now, it is made available online!

Kanny, Amelia, Linda, and myself are the blog ambassadors for RejuviCare.
Group picture! :)

Alright! Let's start of with the product!!
RejuviCare 3D contouring Mask

What seperates this facemask from other masks is the "3D contouring" feature.
The mask is designed in consideration of the "double chin area", and it is hooked onto the ear.
I.e. You can do your facemask while sitting upright! (Time well spent.)

Visit to purchase RejuviCare products!
Do type in JOCELYNKAU or HONEYHONEYBAKEDHAM as the promo code reference,
to enjoy the mask at a discounted price of $25.90.
They might throw in some surprise goodies for my readers!

Purchase Rejuvi products for a Good Cause - Saving Ladakh
Not forgetting to mention, the founding company, Eroma is doing their bit in saving Ladakh.
Purchase their Beauty Relief Travel Kit worth $87 at only $59 ! (inclusive of free delivery!)
Eroma donates $10 from every purchase online.
Click here to find out more.

Find out more about RejuviBeauty by joining their Facebook Page.


  1. Wow, fade scars? Hw bout depressed scars? =)

  2. Hmm, I am not 100% sure. But what I know is that, putting mask regularly is better than not putting any at all. Esp if there are scarring issues that you wanna remove.