Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Love - Under One Roof.

I am not talking about the long ago Channel 5 TV series drama feat. Moses Lim, Under One Roof here!
Omg, do y'all still remember the show? It was screened on our TVs during 1995! I bet those people who are younger than me don't know what I am talking about. (I'm aging. :/ )

Anyway. Today's topic is about living "under one roof" with your boy/girlfriends!
To be really honest, I have this love-hate relationship with living with my boyfriend.

I love it because..
There's someone to hug to sleep.
There's someone to eat supper with.
There's someone to complain to.
There's someone to play PS3 with.
There's TV in the bedroom...
Basically, I love all the perks of physically being with someone.

But, I hate it at the same time.. 
(You see, women are complicated creatures.)
Most of my beauty products are at home.
There's no reason to walk around the house half naked.
There's no ME-TIME.
It is not okay to leave cups around, thinking "to clear it later".
It is not okay to mess up the place.
It is not okay to cook whatever you find in the refrigerator.
It is not okay to MAKE NOISE!
And most importantly,..
It is not okay to throw worn lingerie into the laundry basket (i.e. need to hand wash)!!!

Because, at the end of the day, every family has rules, and there's no where like home.
And all of a sudden, I miss going home.
And I'll miss staying over at my boyfriend's house when I'm home.
HUR! Life's complicated.

Haha! So, how about y'all.
Do you prefer to live with or without your boy/girlfriends?
Because, at the end of the day, there's a whole lifetime for a couple to live together if they were to get married yea? Living together should something "new", that keep a relationship fresh eh?

Comment, comment! :)


  1. Yeah, i wanna stay wit my bf...sure wil b fun xD
    But in my dream oni lah =(
    My parents stil control me like a bird in the cage zzz

  2. Just rotate between both places. Problem solved. My older sister's married but she still comes back home every now and then for some 'me-time'. It's a minor inconvenience having to travel between two homes but then again, since when has anything worth having not needed any sacrifice, right?

  3. been staying at my bf's place for quite long alr and i totally feeeel what u say. cannot leave cups around, must make the bed before leaving the room.. cant really complain when u r bored, just have to entertain myself!! no me time either. sometimes i miss my home but when im at home i miss gg to his place. ya ur right woman r complicated creatures =.=

  4. Haha. You are probably not "old" enough. :) But honestly, no parents like their daughters to stay out. :X

  5. Haha!! Complicated right! Hahaa! I don't even get myself sometimes. Inner conflict! >.<