Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Love - Right one wrong time?

Have y'all ever feel that you found Mr. Right, but it's at the wrong time?
Well I do. And it's kinda upsetting.
I've always thought that Mr. Salty is the "right one" since I first started dating him close to one year back. (Well I still do.)
But there's always this "wrong timing" thingie at the back of my head.
"Damn, if only I got to know him 2 years from now. I would readily marry him."

Hmm, but honestly, I think I'll marry my second boyfriend too, 
if I were to know him 2 years from now.
Ahh, all the right guys at the wrong time.

I believe that every relationship has to have an advancement, otherwise, it is just going to crash.
An example will be something like:
  1. Courtship [2 months]
  2. Dating [3 months]
  3. Attached [3 years]
  4. Wedded couple [2 years]
  5. Parents [Rest of the life]
 I think a couple should never linger at any one stage, apart from the last point, for longer than what I stated in the brackets. (I think I'm damn technical lah!)
Otherwise, one thing or another is going to happen, and there goes the perfect relationship.
How saddening!

Mr. Salty and I are on a rocky patch now.
But I really do think that he's the one.
Yet again, my Mr. Right at the wrong time...

No wonder parents ban their kids from getting into BGR when they're still young teens.
Because, they'd been through the phase, and the understand timing.

I wish I'll one day marry a man who loves me as much as I love him.


  1. Ya loh =(
    Dunno mine oso wrong time or not...sigh...
    Nice post =D

  2. Haha. Might not be applicable to everyone luh! :) no worries.

  3. sometimes, you just have to trust your instinct, of course after weighing all possible consequences.  Your boyfriend being 27 years old, should be quite matured and highly reliable. so things should be alright. It is amazing how you can split a relationship into different stages...

  4. Totally agree to that advancement thing. Either move on or move apart.

  5. Yep. Though some people might not understand, but.. I do believe it is just like that.. There's no stay stagnant in any one stage.. 

  6. Have you ever wondered that there is always a better time? Maybe 2 years from now you have different dreams and goals and you might think 2 more years will be perfect....

  7. Hey, any relationship will have its highs and its lows. There are stages, but it also depends on both parties. I have been married for almost 4 years and I still hold my wife's hands and kiss her as often as I can and when my baby is not looking... hehehe... Do take heart ok? You and Mr. Salty can and will make it

  8. imo, at his age, he should be able to think properly. If hes younger it is probably acceptable. I mean he should know that you know many people. If he cant accept you hanging around with these friends, in the 1st place he shouldnt even woo u. He probably should keep u in the closet. To cut it short, hes insecure lahs. Frankly it is good you detect this early. Imagine if you get married/engaged.. HE cant accepts all these then you will be a little too late. Perhaps.. He wants a goody two shoes,sticky gf that has no much friends and have her all to himself. IM nt saying that u are bad. Im sure you know what i mean. =)

  9. Nahh. There is always a right time (imo), if I were to miss it, then it'll forever be gone. 

  10. Yep. Have kids alr yea? That's why the last stage I wrote, was written for "the rest of the life". :)

  11. Hahaa. Different culture and way of seeing life baa..

  12. I'm dating a guy 6 years older than me and I basically think that I'm dating him at the wrong time too. He has to study for a very important exam at a university and we can only meet on saturdays. Because I'm studying overseas (but have not enter an university yet), I stay alone and basically feel very lonely almost everyday. I've to wait till next year until he take his exam for us to really "date properly". But by that time he'll have to start working and I bet he's gonna have lesser time for me than now. And by that time I'll have to start studying at a university. Also, he's kinda jealous when I hang out with this guy friend of mine cause my friend actually likes me but we're nothing more than friends. I'm of the same age as you by the way. (: Can I ask if your doesn't have time for you when he's working?

  13. Hmm, well, I work for my BF. So he's my boss. So there's always time for dinner, lunch and what not. :] From what I read, it seems like you are in a long distance relationship. I never believe in those. (Not to put you down) It isn't impossible, but in a fast moving 21st century.. Such slow advancement relationship tends to die out..  

  14. interesting post !
    courtship- 2 months
    dating-3 months
    attached- 3 and 1/2 yrs
    haha, i am going to hit on stage 4 next month.

  15. :) !! Wow! Congrats Serene! You're so blessed! Do enjoy your wedding yah! And have babies 2 yrs later! ^^ 
    You make me want to adhere to my "formula". Haha! 

  16. Reading your older blog now,like this topic damn alot. About the right person at the wrong time. I was also at that situation many many years back. Story line simmilar to MR and it did not work out. But till today, I know that I love her the most. Even my wife knows this fact.I am not saying I dun love her.....not as much as my ex.So I think your theroy is right."<span><span>I wish I'll one day marry a man who loves me as much as I love him" As you can't get what you want in real life.... but there is always a "hope or wish" at least you know or thought about it before at your age. Best wishes to Mr Salty n's never easy but at least you tried!!</span></span>

  17. Thanks for your comment. MrSalty and I, we're off that rocky patch alr. I want to keep this Mr. Right of mine from now till "the right time".

  18. well i dun think parents are right about banning their kids from getting into rs when they are teens. i feel it hampers certain progression like interaction with the opposite sex, sensitivity towards the opposite sex too.
    more over when it comes to rs i feel the best is always to plunge head first. nvm if u knock ur head, u get up and continue. afterall u would agree there's no one and right way to make a rs work. if y'all not gonna learn it when ure young, i think when ure older ur gonna suffer alot more? hmmm my 2 rupiah worth

  19. Thanks for your comment. But I meant YOUNG teens. Being twelve and in a relationship and nineteen in a relationship is a huge difference. Let's say our expiry date for marraige is 28 (girls) 38 (guys). Given what I say,.. there's 10 - 20 years for he/she to "knock your head" even if he/she starts dating at 19. Get what I'm saying? Anw my 2 sing dollar worth! Cheers! :)