Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick update + Ring-light

Hello! :) Really glad to sort out some "me-time" at 2.52am, on a weekday night. >.<
I've been really occupied with getting my love, work, and study life back on track. Really wish to incorporate more time for my blog, as well as my family. How I wish I'll never get tired. Hmm..

Anyway, Mr. Salty and I did this "little project thing" together. And it was great fun.
Really wanted to share with you guys! ^^

If you've seen this picture, which I posted on my Facebook Fanpage
you should prolly know what I am going to talk about now. Yesyes! The Ring-light! :)

It is actually a studio lighting which gives even lighting. And, it's best used in close portraiture shots. This ring light thingie has been around for quite a while now, and was recently made very popular by Xiaxue. The price quoted by this person from this stall where XX bought was super steep, so, Mr. Salty and I Youtube-searched this Ring-light thingie and we DIY-ed it. It isn't 100% done yet (I'm lacking the camera stand part), but close! ^^

Below are some shots I took the other day! 
Pardon the messy background.. I just came back from shopping. Heh.

Cool eh!? I'll take more shots after I get the camera stands up!
Alright! Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the week!

(P.s. Saturday Love will be up at 10.10am on Saturday! Do check back!)


  1. Please let me know how u DIY the ring light... please post up~ thxx  xoxo

  2. will u show us how to do the ring light? :D

  3. I'll have another entry once the whole thingie is done! ^^

  4. I'll have another entry once the whole thingie is done! ^^ But I can't show you how, cos it's already about done. It's honestly really tideos to do. Took Mr. Salty and I 2 hours to just get the light part done.

  5. Hey babe I was browsing through your blog and bought the geolenses from the blogshop you advertised the other time but the owner has rlly poor attitude and stopped replying my messages even though I had alr made payment about a month ago! Rlly bad business attitude she has and very inefficient I should say >:(

  6. Ohno. This is really bad. She was really sweet to me, and I got positive feedback from a couple of my personal friends. I'd gave this feedback to her already, hope she has given you a reply.

  7. Thanks so mcuh babe things are pretty much settled she said it was her partner who kinda screwed up. Thanks again for your help! :)