Thursday, August 12, 2010

Advertorial - Salon VIM

This is the 3rd month into SalonVIM's sponsorship with me. And I thought of doing something really spontaneous! No I did not chop of my locks. I did a perm instead! I have to say that I'm still in the midst of trying to get used to permed hair. Approximately 80% of my friends prefer me with straight hair and 20% like it permed. As for myself, I can't really decided!?! I like 'em both!

Unlike previous adverts [ 1 ] [ 2 ], which blabber more on the introduction of Salon VIM, this time, I am going to take you through the whole journey of that day when I went down to the salon.

The first segment of salon visits should be the consultation.
Y'all should probably know from my previous advert that Melvin is my stylist! :) Tadah, and that's him! (p.s. This is the ending look!)

I was looking getting really bored with my normal looking hair. I was looking for something fresh and new. Melvin recommended for me to get a perm. It's fashionable, trendy, voluminous, and gives my hair an added texture.

So the service given was, a warm texturizing perm
When hair is permed, it tends to look fuller. So, given my vast hair count, I got to thin my hair a little. (Otherwise I would have to risk looking like a poodle!)

Bye bye thick hair.

Heh. See Melvin being all attentive and macho at the same time! I like manly male hair stylists! -shy face. It's like, they look really tough, but the touch of their hands are so soft and light. Sounds a little wrong but whatever. I believe most girls will know what I'm trying to get to. 

After the haircut, Melvin and his assistant put my hair into these hot rollers. (I'll share more about the different sorts of perm in a while.) Anyway, dryness in the hair after any sort of chemical treatment is inevitable. SalonVIM being an Expert Care Salon, they provide in-between pre-treatment for my hair. I.e. hair treatments in between (for my scenario) hair perm and hair dye. It really helps to decrease the damage to the minimum.

Since we are in the topic of hair perm, I shall impart some of my hair perm knowledge to you. There are actually three different kind of hair perm, and each gives different results, which cater to different hair needs. (p.s. What I know is only the very minimal. Do discuss with Melvin before choosing the type of perm for your hair!)

1. Hot perm
It is also known as the Ceramic perm which many of you are familiar with. Ceramic perms are generally more lasting, and gives a 3D effect. However, given the high level of heat involve, it is not recommended for extremely dry hair.

2. Warm perm

This is the perm that was recommended to me. A warm perm is less drying, and also gives a 3D effect. To add on, there's very much lesser unease when getting a warm perm, as compared to the hot perm. The ceramic curlers used in the hot perm is really heavy. It'll give you sore necks! However, warm perm aren't that lasting (3-4 months).

3. Cold perm
This is the Ah-ma kindda hair perm where no heat is involve. I ever tried a cold perm long ago. (It was quite disastrous. And the styling is not in trend and fashionable at all. Please do not try this. :(

Oh, if you are wondering what is an Expert Care Salon..

So, you should feel absolutely safe for leaving your hair with SalonVIM. They are a bunch of extremely well-trained professionals, and one of the finest hair salons around.

After the perm, I dyed my hair burgundy brown
The bottom 15cm of my hair was bleached before, and the colour faded nicely into this ashy-burgundy-brown colour. (You'll see. I'll post the pictures later!)

Whist dying my hair. :)

After the hairdye, I did a Fibercutic + Density treatment (post-hair treatment).
This is a really fantastic treatment. I'll suggest everyone to take up this hair treatment if you are looking into improving the overall condition of your hair. "Fibercutic" is actually filling up the fiber in each and every one of our hair strands. It's something like botox (we are all very familiar with that, no?). "Density" is basically increasing the density of your hair. Omega 6 is included in this hair treatment, which plays up the "density" part. 

Finale! The finishing look. :)
[At SalonVIM]

[The next day!]
I love the hair colour!

This look which I newly acquire is far more feminine that what I had before.


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You might just see me there if you are lucky! -wink*


  1. I didn't know hair can be so complicated. My hair is like a bunch of bush with two ox horn at the side...haha...

  2. I think you look really nice with permed hair!