Saturday, September 19, 2009

A tiny shout-out to all my darlings out there! =)


Hey all! I bet most of you are kinda annoyed about my uninteresting blog posts right? Club events, club events, and more club events!

Honestly, me too. -annoyed!
But the problem is, I have soooo much work to do, and I am going crazy. Haha! I became such a workaholic! Goodness! Partying, events, castings! And with all the competitions out there.. Sulk. And I grew 2 huge ass pimples! Way stress than school works. And, the worst part is that, I don't know what to wear! Laughs.

There's so much things I want to share, but, it's kinda trivial to be blogged about, so yea. -.-
Keep a really close watch on my Twitter. As usual, been twitting alot! And, keep a close watch on my Facebook! It's way more updated than my sad blog!

Alright. I am going to fuss about what to wear tomorrow.
I've got to be at Bishan Junction 8 at 11am for the F1 Toyota Panasonic Show. Work's ending 8ish, and gna attend a Limo party (quite cool), till 10ish, then SocialHouse. Arghhh!

Love y'all. Nights, hugs!
Support my events yea? I am starting to die out! Laughs.


Was msn-ing Joy awhile ago. Telling her about my events and stuffs..
And, she drew this!!...

Awww... Too sweet to not be blogged about. =)

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