Friday, September 11, 2009

FRESH at SocialHouse this Saturday!!

Heyhey! So, it's going to be Saturday again! ^^
Where else should you people be other than SocialHouse?! As usual, Ladies Night is happening there! And cooler stuff is happening this week!
(Freeflow for ladies from 10pm to 2am)

Danny Lattouf aka DL
RnB artist from Australia will be performing!
DL is a RnB/Soul singer and song writer, creating a real blend between old and new school tunes. A fusion between Urban, Soul and Pop music.

Other than that, extremely crazy stuffs are happening!!
  1. Body Shots for selected Ladies!
    If you don't know what are Body Shots, click here.
    Cool huh? It is going to be an eye opener for both guys and girls!
    (If 50 girls come in through my guestlist, I'll do it! Muahhas! =D )

  2. Crazy Beer Bong Races
    Think you can drink fast? Prove it, and win more free booze!

Check out their facebook page too!

I have unlimited guestlist, so..
Do queue up at the VIP line, and say my name JOCELYN KAU to enter! =)
Tell your friends about this and come party with my girls and I! ^^

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