Monday, September 21, 2009

A day out with Nana.

[28 Aug]

Oops. These pictures were taken close to 1mth ago.
But as said, better late then never! =)

Click on picture for a larger view.
Anyway. That was one day after the start of my holidays. Friday I suppose?
Both of us were so cheap-skate (is this how you spell it?). We specially planned to wake up at an early hour just so we can get the student haircut price at Super Cut @ Cineleisure.

So, after signing some contract for the Tangs event at Tangs Orchard. I ended up wondering into MAC, and bought a lipstick. Diva (name of the lipstick). It's a deep deep red.

By the way,..
I prefer my hair before the haircut. But it's good that those dead split ends are gone. =)

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