Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another day out with Nana.

[06 Aug]

Haha! Look at the date these pictures were taken! Ridiculously long ago! And honestly, I do have even ancient blog-able pictures yet to be blogged! Crazy eh?! Though I don't update my blog and Facebook at DA' TIME. I do have a habit of keeping them into folders with the correct dates written as the folder names. So, heh! Lots of pictures entries coming up.

Anw, I was talking to a friend in msn awhile ago.
He was saying that my blog is so uninteresting. It's either I don't blog, or I just have some random pictures. >.< Fine. Though I don't look the part, but eh, I do have intellectual thoughts running through my brains alright?!

Oh?! Did I not mention.. He complimented, saying that I he likes my sweetness. Which is a HUGE issue for me. I used to love fishing for compliments from Rayner. And never once he mentioned that I was sweet. Sulk.

Enough said,..
Pictures. =)

Took those pictures after I had my sponsored waxing at Pink Parlor. =)
So, it was a darn long time ago. ^^ Laughs.

(p.s. Sorry for the italic sidetrack portion of this entry. Lol! )

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