Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures from 2 ButterFactory parties.

I decided to clear my picture folders in an organised manner before anything. Er, anything meaning, blogging about slightly more intellectual stuffs. As you can see. Uploading pictures, is a no brainer thing. Haha!

[09 Sept]

Alright. First up. Pictures from one of the Butter Cookies at Butter Factory. I know I know. It's extremely outdated. But, nevermind yea?
I was wearing flats and MJ jacket that I bought from Peggy's store. Was a pretty slack party I would say. Didn't intend to party hard core. So, don't really have much pictures.

The rest of the pictures are at my facebook album : 090909. Butter cookies.

[10 Sept]
Next up. It's like the next night straight. Boogie Down Butter (BDB). Crazy eh? Partying so much. =) Hmm, I would say BDB is for crowd of a slightly more mature age group. Which is awesome. I hate young boys. The way the act, and merry make is so,.. not man!

It was good that night. Derek and all came down to support me. ^^

Damn, caught complaining. Lol!

Queen of 5-10!!!

View the rest of the photos at my Facebook album: 100909. Boogie Down Butter.


Yeap. That's all for tonight. I am really sleepy! Haha! =) Goodnight all.
I should have some goodies for y'all this Thursday. I'll fill y'all in soon. Meanwhile, click on my Nuffnang advert at the bottom of the first entry.

And oh, please, do not neglect my twitter. Given such a funny character like mine, I have quite a fair bit of funny stuffs posted there. It's not important enough to blog about those twitter-able stuff, but yet shareable. Getit? Nvm, I'm just trying to say that it's worth a read.

Okay. Dream fairy.
I want sweet dreams. =)

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