Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boogie Down Butter on Thursday!

Last week's Boogie Down Butter was fun!!

The whole group of us girls were on the tiny round stage in front of the DJ dancing!! And, at that point of time, the dancefloor was rather bare! Audrey was saying, they should actually hire us as dancers!

Anw, lazy me have yet to upload my Boogie Down Butter's pictures. Laughs, I will get it uploaded, and put a link under this entry when it's done yea?

Alrighty, this week's Boogie Down Butter is pretty much similar to last week's. (CLICK CLICK)

As usual,

I have unlimited guestlist for BOTH guys + girls. And, it's open to ANYONE. Including people that I don't know. So, pass this message around!

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