Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Saturday at Social House!

1 or 8 Faction invades FRESH @ SocialHouse.
Brought to you by Vibe Parties, Singapore #1 Party Promotion Label.

You guys must be thinking, what is 1 or 8 Faction right?
For those of you who don't know,
1 or 8 Faction – is an independent record label that has been revolutionizing the landscape of hip-hop and Asian music’s global stock, starting with Singapore. Its Japanese translation “all or nothing” concisely states what 1 or 8 embodies in mission and spirit.

Check out some of their links!

Honestly, awesomee music!
As most of y'all know. I am more of a Jazz, Pop-rock, Ol' school kinda person. And totally detest raps. But geez, this is good. Lol! I'm getting influenced!! Lol! I bet most of you already know him from one of my previous entry. But I am still going to introduce him again. =)

MC Yama aka Monkey King
He is the guy featured in the above links of 1 or 8 Faction.

Hails from the UK & Japan where his records have sold for years nationwide and has rocked the mic at Tokyo underground hip-hop meccas Vuenos (Shibuya), Loose & Hoop (Shinjuku). He’s won countless rap battles and was recently showcased on MTV Asia at Thailand’s inaugural Asian Hip-Hop Festival where he emerged rap battle champion. His thorough domination of the Asian battle circuit and paralyzing ability to spit lyrics warrant him a true legend in the making.
(Click on the links to listen to his works.)

DJ Zushan
is a veteran Singapore DJ who has enjoyed a generous share of radio airplay, Zushan’s acclaim can probably be attributed to his face-melting scratching skills and impeccable ability to find his comfort zone in a myriad of genres. Zushan is also recurring icon in a host of venues around the region, including Shanghai, Penang, Sydney and Vietnam.
And as usual, I have unlimited guestlist for Ladies, and your guy friends! =) So babes, please let me know if you are bringing cute boys over to SocialHouse. Remember, no short shorts for guys, and please, bring your IDs!

Other information:
  • Freeflow drinks for ladies from 11pm - 2am
  • Guys cover charge
    Presale: SGD$28 with 2 drinks**
    Door: SGD$28 with 1 drink
  • Email: for /table reservations/pre-sale tickets/vip/special requests

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