Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lily's and Club Sabai.

[28 Aug]

Hoho. Dated long ago again. =)
Anyway, that was the first time I went Sabai. Pretty awesome. It was the second Thai club I've been to. The first was at the above the Macdonald's at East Coast Park. Though Sabai is good, I kinda like the latter more.

Nicholas, Xubin, Sebas, KengYang and friends were very nice. Called me up, and asked me to come along. Though I was totally not prepared for night out (I was visiting my mother's place), but they managed to tempt me to go along. Haha!

Alright. Pictures pictures.

Since these pictures were taken from so long ago. I'll not have every single picture up here. Like the previous entries. Pictures are in my Facebook.

Anyway,.. Nicholas was so high that night. Note his cutesy pose in one of the above pictures. Hoho. I doubt he was conscious about his pose. Sweet. And he was talking so much, definitely behaving different from what he is when he is sober. But really really cute.

By the way. For those new friends I made after I left my sucky secondary school, a quick little introduction for you. Nicholas was from my secondary school. =) But we kinda spoke to each other only last year? Laughs. My reputation must be too rotten then, no wonder he didn't speak to me. Guahhs.

More pictures from the same night at my Facebook album : 280809. Night out with the boys.


I am contemplating if I should do the 2 entries that Nuffnang have for me, so I can go for the blog awards thingie. Argh. Who else is going, and not getting any prizes? If there's no one I know, I'll prolly not blog those stuff, and not attend the award ceremony.

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