Monday, May 5, 2008

Yesterday's shoot. (updated)

C&C bah.

Anw, I love the first picture! =) So happy that mummy gave me that bone structure. I like my cheekbone, jaw bone and chin! Hahas. Happy. Cause, this is so far the only picture where my facial bone structure is seen nicely. ^^

Lots of thanks to >> Jerphotography
(p.s. I don't know this photog's name. Cause it's a group shoot, and there are aprox 15 photog? ) He is the first to send em' to me. ^^
Update: This photog is Jeremy Tan. ^^
Anw, I got to thank Babyfairy so much for lending me her black dress. ^^ Apprently, my dress is kindda translucent =/. Hahs! Though it's a bit too long for me, but, looks great!! TY
Anw, did anyone notice my dead eyes at picture 2? Lol.. I dont know if I am look at the lens or not. I might be looking at another photog. Hmm, don't know. ^^ I add that picture here to share a great example of deadfish eyes~

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