Thursday, May 15, 2008


Come come!! All models wannabe. =b

Hey people! Anyone of you interested to be a freelance model?
I have a great opportunity for you! =)
I, shall open a door for you, into this tiny modeling scope which I am in.

Now, I have this great lobang in hand.
For any open minded daring girls out there, do leave me your contact, or contact me! =)
I have a great photographer who is willing to fork out his time, to guide and shoot you girls out there!! You girls should not miss this!

Okay, a little information about these shoots.
It will be in a studio. (So, you girls don't have to worry about the MOSQUITOES, and the GLAR
You must be able to shoot bikini or lingerie and of course, casual fashion.

If you think that you are inexperience, fret not, this photographer is willing to guide you!!
Want to capture your beauty in a frame? Contact me at my comments column.
OR, email/msn me at,


In your email, or comment, please include the below information. =)

Name: *
Mobile Number: *
MSN: *
Cup size: *

Measurements(inches): *
Bikini, Lingerie or Both: *

Height: *
Weight: *
Available Dates:
(Attach 3 or more most recent pictures of yourself to me!) *

*MUST!! ^^
If you are unsure about the available dates, just leave them blank! =)

The photographer or I will get back to you once I receive the mails!
If you have any enquiries, feel free to ask me. ^^

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