Saturday, May 17, 2008

(updated) QUOTE OF THE WEEK :

- Mark (15May2008)

In case you people are wondering, that's Mark from our class.


(that's my smiley. "X" is the eyes. "B" is my bunny teeth! lols. Cute yea??)


Chickens do have sex. Like oh my god?! Guess I am really kuku with birds man. Hahas! I remembered googling if Flamingoes can fly. And just, I googled if chikens have sex. LOL? Apprently, they do. -- Read this(bottom), they have sex. Hahas!

First,I have chickens and have had between 2 and 36 for almost 25 years.Yes chickens have sex my rooster mounts his hens daily.There are no external sex organs on a chicken they are inside the vent.Chickens only have one opening for everything.egg pee poo same place.A hen makes a new egg every 18-26 hours using 4oz. feed 10oz.water and if left in nest another hen or rooster will eat it.I have to collect them every day. its not always a blood spot,yolk color is determined by diet (corn = yellow) I have amerucans that lay green eggs I also have rhode island reds that lay brown eggs. If I feed them odd things like table scrapes The yolks change color a little bit. Adding berries or ketchup gives them dark redish spots on the yolks.Basicly eggs come out everyday that a chicken is fed properly and will be eaten by someone or something no matter what you do or dont do, unless the rooster fertilized the egg and the hen sits on it and hatches it.I have only seen the later happen six times (six chicks) in 25 years.

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