Monday, May 12, 2008

Kids these days..

Sighh, kids these days are such a disgrace to society.
And when those problematic kids are from your own family, it's worst.

I am not implying that I am a great kid, or a great teen in any sort. But, it's easier to see something and critise then to see yourself and critise yea? Hmm, how should I put this entry across? Things are in a mess at home. My home. Er, my mum's home.

With a younger sister who has just entered secondary school, and at the same time, just entered "teen-hood" is never a pleasant thing. Just imagine all the bad influences that she might get from the "outside" world. To a certain extend, I feel that going to secondary school it's too over-exposing for kids. Yes, I still refer to my sister as kids cause she will always be younger than me. Hmm, but what to do? It's a phase all kids have to go through. And I went right through it, emerging safety, well, almost.

Anyway, the issue is about my little sister. I never ever agree for allowing her to enter that school. It's never a wise choice. Although I am pretty sure it isn't that bad as what outsiders hear about the school, but, I just can't help stereotyping students from that school lo. But, I know there are good students there, who score As for their O levels. However, self-disciple is never one of the positive traits she ever has.

I still remember the secondary school days I had. It was fun, fast, and exciting. But, everything comes with a price. Let see, I was playing a fool in school, breaking all the school rules, got into all sorts of trouble from, guys to girls, teachers to discipline masters, schoolmates to outside school peeps, running away from home, tried smoking, stealing, lying to parents.. etc. And I believe it's part of growing up. At least I am not morally wrong in any sense yea? NOD NOD. Laughs.

And I believe my little sister will break as many school rules and hook up with hooligans as me. But, I am not too sure if she has the common sense, brains, chacracter, personality, blahblah, to overcome the negative impact of those sorts of stuff. And, I so don't know how to help her. I know my limits, and I know how to protect myself most of the time. So, it wasn't a real big thing when I got into ahbeng businesses, but my lil sister is a guilible, naive pudding!
Anyway, I can say that my lil sister is almost beyond hope, and me, as her sister, hope to do some stuff to help. I know i know, I've been hollering at her since the day she's born, why am I so nice to want to help yea? Kinship, I can say. Hahas, I am like a angel, you may hold a halo over my head. O :B

No la, it's more of face yea. She is indirectly throwing my face. Although I am no longer in contact with those not 3 nor 4 people around here, but, I know there's a minority of people remembering me. Hoho, and some know that she is my lil sister. Which is extremely bad. No only in those aspect that I am losing face, what about my family as a whole leh? Bad bad.

I going to share some stuff my sister did which I think it's absurd here. And, I don't know my purpose of sharing. Maybe I'm in the hope that some kind soul will read those and come up with a decent and useful comment to help me out? =)

Er, alright, something recent yea?.. She stole my psp slim, with 4gb memory card and sold it for $200. How stupid yea? And she denied everything when we asked about it. So, I am psp-less now. =(

She stole $1000 cash from my mother's safe. $1000. Can you imagine yourself even holding $1000 worth of cash in your bare hands? That's her guts. And that's how stupid she is. Who in the right mind will ever think of stealing from home?

She stole $100 from my wallet yesterday night. I was so sad, and angry! And at the same time, betrayed? I don't know. I was damn sure that I had the money with me and then, it was gone. Just think about it, how costly it is to come back home. There's a chinese saying that it's even more trickier to fend against house theft. And there's one at home. Mummy got her ways, and the money was returned to me this morning.

The 3 above examples of the misbehaviour happened within 2 weeks? In other words, she never learns from her mistakes. Or in fact, she don't treat them as mistakes.

And this reflect badly on me. Like, I'm her sister and I can't even guide/teach her? The other time, she left home with the $1k that she stole from mum. And feels like she's learning from what I did half a year ago. Let's not go into details regarding this. Cause this is far most the most disgracing stuff I did in my life. Whichever, yea, she's picking up bad stuff from everywhere!

I had a little chat with mummy over dinner awhile ago, and I suggested to send her fr councelling. Hope that it helps. Seeing someone else getting into trouble is so different from experincing firsthand like few years back.

Hmm, I so want to help her, but I feel so helpless, and I don't know how. That must be how my mum felt that time when she thinks that I was beyond hope.

Hahas, anyway, I am proud of myself of what I become today. Character and personality wise. Not the fats wise. -- Anw, I am troubled by my fatty arms, as much as I am troubled about what might happen to my sister in the coming days.

Why can't she see our worries?
Likewise, I don't understand why can't I see my mother's worries then.

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