Sunday, May 11, 2008

My darling boy is leaving me....

for another country..

for 4 days..

lol. This may sound rediculously lil as compared to those girls whose boyfriend left them for NS. But, to me, it's like parting for 4 days of my life. Ehh, when I type these words out, it doesn't sound that serious leh. BUT THEN HOR. It is can?! Can you imagine those LIFE DANGERS he might encounter??!

Let me give you some scenarios.
For example:
  1. His plane got hijaked and he is the hostage.
  2. His plane is faulty.
  3. He is robbed, and have no passport to return to singapore.
  4. He is raped by gays in thailand.
  5. He has sex with thai girls at sunny pattaya.
  6. He falls in love with thai girls and decided to leave me/ singapore for good.
  7. He contracted some weird diseases and fear to return home.
  8. He get himself into some fight and got disfigured.
  9. He has sex with his female friends in the hotel.
  10. He turns gay.

SEEE???! There's like so much for me to worry about, and these are just the few that I have listed! R O A R .

My darling boy, you have to have to have to be safe.

Anddd, I am freaking jealous that I can't go with you. And I am freaking sad that I cannot take your first time.. gg overseas.

=) Nevertheless, enjoy your vacation darling ^^. And never never never allow the stuff I listed to happen. Love love love you. Be safe. =B

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