Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers' Day

Hello! It's the second Sunday of May, and it's Mothers' Day. =)

I feel that this year's Mothers' Day come rather abruptly. No time to prepare, no time to even think and plan for anything. Hahas. But, at least I left today free and empty to chit chat with my mum. ^^

Anyway, I bought a white hand bag for her. Not expensive branded kind, but, yea.. i overspent all my earnings. Rayner calculated for me, and it points down to me spending 1k + on "wants" in the past month. HORRIBLE!

SO, I am saving up. Seriously. I can't wait to get my first DSLR.


It's kindda hard for me to blog now, cause my thoughts are in a mess, thanks to angela's audition music. R O A R.

So, I shall end this entry here. For those naughty kiddos out there who have yet to wish their mums a happy mothers' day. Better do so now. ^^

Shall blog more later. So, do check back. =)

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