Saturday, August 20, 2011

We are the rebels!

So I was at Rebel two Saturdays ago, and here I am to share the pictures!! Yay!
I know I am always super late in updating/uploading pictures, but I swear I am trying to be slightly more efficient. 

But honestly, like every other late posts, I have an excuse (tadahhh)! My macbook's adapter magically disappear from the cabinet. My maid insisted that she left it there, but no. :( So that's $98 of useless expenditure.  And of course, we (my parents and I) have different theories as of what happened to the adapter. The most likely reason got to be that my maid accidentally spoilt the adapter, and she disposed it secretly to get rid of all evidence. If it's true, that's quite smart of her.

(I refuse to think that the hungry ghost took it. Don't you dare come up with that!!)

And as always, enjoy the pictures.

And we bumped into this girl whose friends read my blog. :) Hello to her friends, if you see this, let her know that her picture is here!

My nose look super odd in this picture. :/ 

And I shall end this entry with my favourite picture..

This is Edmund Sezxyouup, he is young yes, but super adorable! :D

If this post has more than 30 [Omg I like], I'll post my ALL TIME MOST UNGLAM PICTURE.
So, check the [Omg I like] box if you want to see..

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