Monday, August 1, 2011

My 20th Birthday Party - Part 1

I have to deeply apologize for my procrastinating nature. Laughs!
Like finally, here are some of the pictures.

It is not very possible to put those pictures in order, like the remaining memory I have of that day, the pictures are jumbled up with no concise timeline. And for your info, I WASN'T DRUNK that night. Heh. :) I was very firm in refusing drinks (and secretly went to puke without telling anyone). 

Okay okay, pictures time.

Me: Can't shuffle, I drink too much already, later I fall down.
Winnie: Nevermind, take off your heels.

Me: (Die die don't want)


Oh these are pictures that I've gotten from the photographer.
I have many more pictures from my own camera, so wait up. :)

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  1. You were really looking like red hot honey baked ham after drinks. hehe

  2. noticed that u turn red after any drinks..lotsa of party photos anyway...