Saturday, August 13, 2011

My 20th Birthday Party - Party with the family - Part 2.3

I can't believe that I didn't procrastinate some more about updated the last set of pictures from my Birthday celebration. I invited my family members down to party as well!! But they left Zirca to Lunar after a while (Zirca music was too loud for older people lol bobian). 

So, after the crowd at Zirca dismissed, I went to party somemore with my family members! JFYI, MrSalty was there as well! But due to professional reasons, I am not going to post his pictures here. HAHA. :D But truth be told, I was super duper touched that he actually came down for my birthday party (he didn't last year), and hung out with my family members at Lunar while I party my ass off at Zirca.
(P.s. Marriage material alert.)

Okay okay, I'm getting a little long winded with my intro -___-,

This is my Dad! I don't really like to discuss private family matters here but all I have to say is that  he's a super duper awesome dad. Though I don't know how and almost never express this, but I love you dad. :)

I was quite sad that Fiona couldn't make it that night,
but ah wells, I was overseas on her 21st (though she didn't celebrate). :,( 

This is my mother! HAHAHA! So now you know where I get my goofy character from!
I love you mummy, thanks for giving me awesome facial features. Thanks for the eyebrows, nose, face shape and teeth. You could perhaps give me larger eyes and thicker lips, and maybe 5 more inches to my height. :D

Goofy-ness kinda runs in the family. =____= ;

This is my eldest sister, Rinda.
She loves to tell me how much she loves me whenever she's high. And then she'll start tearing.

My mum was totally giving the 'party rock' face. Haha!

I shall end this with a meaningless 'me-eating-chicken-wing' picture. 

Well, this concludes the end of my 20th Birthday Celebration entries :) (Okay I celebrated with MrSalty's family members as well, but no pictures) What I want to say is that, I am super extremely deeply greatly reallyly (lol?) thankful for all the amazing people in my lives. I am thankful for being showered with so much love, happiness and kindness. 

Check the [Omg I like], and the [+1] box if you find my birthday awesome. :)

Omg I am almost tearing.
I go get tissue.


  1. I saw some of your photos on Flickr. Count me as one of your fans. You are a gorgeous model.

  2. Hey colbyfiles, thanks for your flattery! :D

  3. Hey colbyfiles, thanks for the compliment!