Tuesday, August 23, 2011

073011. Kbox with the kitty cats.

Meow! Just in case you are frowning at the extreme cuteness of this entry's title, please give me a chance to explain. Laughs! The name 'Kitty Cats' is just a reference to the group of us who participated in this year's CATS car-nival contest. It is really a joy that we manage to still hang out, chit chat and what-not together.

So, we met up last month for some Karaoke session.
I'll have to say that they were all brilliant singers. :) Not superb, but definitely better than average. The room was pretty dark, hence the weird and unflattering colouring in the coming pictures. :( But nevertheless, enjoy the pictures!

I was freak tired that day, as I went after a morning photoshoot (which started and ended 1hr late due to a very unpunctual model). Remember this outfit? Yes, this post is super back dated. 

This is the whole group of us. (From left to right)
Jojo, Jacey, Rinee, myself, Jaslyn and Valerie. 

Alright. This is it. :) 
Anyway, I went to a casting with Val and Rinee yesterday, will post the pictures up soon.
Have an awesome week ahead!

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