Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hello pee-poh, it's my off-day THURSDAY! :)

As the title suggest, this post have something to do with my unglam picture! Bahaha! I mentioned in last saturday's blog entry that I gna post my unglam picture if there's more than 30 [Omg I like]. AND YES THERE ARE 93 LIKE AS OF NOW! :/ So here you go.

This was taken by my younger sister the other day.
I was having flu and YEA SHE TOOK A SHOT OF ME WHILE I WAS WEAK AND SICKLY. :( Look at my irritated eyelids. I get them when I have uncontrollable sneezes. So pityful, yes?

This was me when I was 16, at Daiso.
Yes, I know my fringe was too short, but I have no choice. My discipline master (which was also my physics teacher) love to pick on me. BOBIAN, I need to have "eyebrows exposing fringe". 

Please check the [Omg I like] box to tell me you still love me despite those pictures.


  1. Frankly, you feel better looking this way. Just personal preference...

  2. did you like do plastic surgery or smth? cuz i relaised your nose is v sharp in your current pics but not you're young... o.o

  3. @Scope, I look better looking like the last picture? LOLOL!! Alright, you have an acquired taste of beauty. Thankyou.

    @Anonymous, lol. Makeup darling. But I think my nose have been quite sharp all along what. :X I was 'smiling' so widely in my last picture, and it was a frontal shot.. guess that make my nose look bigger?