Friday, August 12, 2011

My 20th Birthday Party - Party Crazy Zirca - Part 2.2

As promised, here is the second part of part 2. :) There is a total of 3 parts.
Click here if you haven't seen the previous.

Please kindly excuse me if you see any retarded faces. You know, it is sometimes difficult to focus the eyes/face/mouth under the influence of alcohol and loud music. Bobbing of the head and stuff, lol. So, like the past years, I've been with Vibe Parties during my birthday. We are at Zirca this year!! (It feels like just yesterday when I got pissed drunk at ButterFactory, damn. Time flies.)

Okay, enough of the introduction when less than 50% of you actually read it.
So, portrait pictures first, then landscape alright? I'm sorry, I can't post according to the timeline as I'll be upset when the orientation (or whatever you call that) of the pictures keep changing. But it's pretty much in order since most pictures are landscape, hmm... 

(Don't frown, I'm just odd)

SOOOO pictures from da clubbbb!

About there already. lol

This is the photog who took the first batch of pictures! :) 

That's all people!!
Hope y'all like this.

Check the [Omg I like], and the [+1] box if you want to see more!
My family members came down to club as well, but pictures will be in Part2.3.
So, check back tomorrow, it will be a scheduled post! :DD


  1. happy belated birthday jocelyn!!
    what contacts are you wearing in this post?
    your looked gorgeous!

  2. you're pretty but you act like a slut.

  3. Anonymous1, I am wearing GEO lenses.

    Anonymous2, that's super bad for you to say that!! Those guys you see in this entry which are "close to me in the pictures" are my super close friends for 4-5 years leh!!! I don't think I act like a slut, you misjudged me. :/